Load/Unload Bank OnEnable/OnDisable?

This has probably already been asked, but I couldn’t find an answer… why doesn’t the StudioBankLoader have an option to load/unload banks when the built-in OnEnable/Disable methods of an object are called?
As far as I know there’s no real reason for it not to work, if it’s already warking with the Start and OnDestroy built-in methods :smiley:

There isn’t any real reason for it, basically it just hasn’t been requested before by the looks of it.

I’ll raise a task to add this functionality to it, thanks.

That’d be great!
When using the Unity Timeline it would be very handy to be able to use a bank holding all the sounds needed in such cutscenes (which often, at least in our case, aren’t used in other parts of the game) and load/unload them using activation tracks on an empty object with a bank loader on it.
Apart from everything, do you think that’s a good approach?