Loading additional banks in runtime from addressables - Event not found


So I’m trying to load an additional bank created in a separate Unity and FMOD Studio project in my main Unity project that already utilizes FMOD. I deliver the banks text asset imported to the separate Unity project to my main project via addressables - I load the content catalog additively at runtime, load the bank text asset via Addressables.LoadAssetAsync() and then load the bank itself via RuntimeManager.LoadBank(bank, true). All these operations complete successfully from what I was able to check. Still, when I try to play the event in the additional bank, I get a [FMOD] Event not found ‘event:/SFX/Visuals/Hat’ exception during FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance.

I’ve done all of the following, everything looks to be fine, but I still get the error.

  • Make sure the Import Type in both FMOD projects is set to Asset Bundle
  • Make sure the UNITY_ADDRESSABLES_EXIST is defined
  • Check that you’ve placed the Event into a Bank in the FMOD Studio Tool
  • Check that the Bank is being loaded by a FMOD Studio Bank Loader component or your own script
  • Check the Script Execution Order to make sure the code that loads the Bank runs before code that looks up the event

What are the possible reasons of such a situation? Do I need to do something special to get the additional bank to work? For comparison, all the banks in the main Unity/FMOD projects play back correctly.

FMOD is only able to handle additional banks from additional projects if they made through DLC/UGC process: FMOD - Supporting Downloadable and User-generated Content.