Loading Banks in standalone runtime


I have an issue with the runtime loading of banks in the built game. (which should work, right?)
I ask that because it seems like it is not possible to load banks in the UE4 built in runtime at all.

While checking the logs we noticed that the order of the game loading the FMOD content is really strange and messed up:

It also seems like that the time order is trying to load the events, then it constructs the events and then in loads the banks and after the load, it skips some banks (my Dialog_GER and Dialog_ENG bank)

I mean the skipping after the loading makes no sense, right?

VerticalSlice.log (87.5 KB) Here is the attachment is the whole log. Can you see, why a runtime loading of the banks would not work?

We work with two banks with an audio table and identical keys - then we unload on the bank and load the other for changing the language.

Thank you for your help!

There are two phases of loading going on here.
The “Constructing asset”, and all the other parts before it, are part of the pre-init phase and then “Creating runtime Studio System”, and the parts after that, are during the Runtime phase.

While UE4 is “Constructing asset”, it is just making any in memory assets that are needed during the game. Eg. all the Event, Bus, Bank, etc. uassets you see in the Editor are stored in memory and not on disk.

Once that is done the Runtime starts up and the FMOD Studio plugin is loaded, one of the first things it does is “Creating runtime Studio System”.
Part of that procedure is to load the banks, at the very least the Master and strings banks, this is when it logs “Loading Banks”. If you have added any bank names to “Skip Load Bank Name” in the FMODStudio plugin settings, you will get a log “Skipping bank: …”.