Looking for a 3D sound effect

I need a 3D sound effect with width, such as when I move to the beach, I should be able to hear the 3D effect of the waves throughout the entire sea level, rather than a single point.
I have seen that both the built-in 3D effects and the object’s 3D effects cannot achieve these goals. What should I do to find the optimal solution?


Can you please elaborate on the desired behavior in more detail?

As a quick explainer, the Spatializer effect does two things to the input audio signal - panning relative to a listener, and attenuation based on distance to the listener. It possible to adjust the Spatializer’s settings to control how much it pans and attenuates the signal, including effectively disabling them. If you don’t need either panning or attenuation, but do want a “3D” sound, then using a sound effect with enough multi-channel content may be what you want instead of the Spatializer effect.