Loop and release tails

Hello !

I would like to loop a sound file that has a release tail. I know that I can do that with a time-locked single sound module (which display the waveform), by setting the end of the loop region one bar before the end of the waveform, for example. But, as in a DAW, the sound cuts when it loops (which is normal). And I understood that it is not possible to use an ADSR with this method.

But I would like to hear a bit -or all- the release tail while it loops. How can I achieve that?
When I use a non-time-locked single sound module, it waits until the end of the file before looping. Same with a multi sound module. Even with an ADSR. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you very much in advance!

You seem to have received some inaccurate information: A timelocked single sound module does not play out its release tail once the cursor leaves its trigger region.

To achieve the effect you describe, you need to use a multi sound module (with looping behaviour turned off) surrounded by a loop region, such that the cursor leaves and re-enters the trigger region once per loop. A new instance of the sound file will begin each time the cursor enters the trigger region, and the tail of that instance will begin to play out each time the cursor leaves it.

If this setup does not seem to work for you, I suggest you send a copy of your event to support@fmod.org, so that we can investigate in more detail.