Loop instrument stopping or not stopping at max parameter value?

What a strange behaviour that I try to understand on fmod 2.02.03.
I set a very simple loop instrument without condition on a parameter.
My instrument starts at value = 0.25 and the loop stops playing at max value.
If the instrument starts at 0.1 the loop keeps on playing. No automation with this parameter, No Condition were set.
The only way to have a correct loop not stopping was to increase the parameter max value to ‘1.01’ .

Thanks if you could help me to undestrand what happens and what is the right expected behaviour.


It has been reported a few times some issues with snapping. You think the end of your instrument is snapped to max value, but in fact it stops just before. This could be some internal rounding error. Try to re-snap the right edge of your instrument, or even look for the command to do that in the console, or try recreating your instrument.

It seems that you advices worked. THX