Instrument conditions not working on specific values

Current version 2.01.03

The setup for the event:

  • The event has several multi instruments
  • A global discrete parameter controls a local discrete parameter
  • Local parameter has “hold on playback” enabled
  • Local parameter is automated by global at 1:1 values (range is 0 to 23)
  • Each multi instrument has playback conditions set from the local parameter

All values play the instrument with the corresponding condition, apart from the instrument conditions for 14 and 15, changing the conditions to any other value works and changing other instruments to 14 or 15 stops them too.

What could be causing this?

This issue is caused by a rounding error, a common issue when dealing with floating point numbers. The FMOD engine automatically corrects for many common situations that result in rounding errors, but not all.

You can avoid this issue by either setting the parameter conditions of your instruments to be slightly wider (13.999-14.001 instead of 14-14 and 14.999-15.001 instead of 15, for example) or by changing your discrete parameter into a continuous parameter.