Loops inside crossfade transition region

I have a problem I’m not quite sure how to solve.
I’ve got an event with looped regions that play depending on a parameter, with crossfade transitions whenever that parameter changes.
Currently, if a transition happens too close to the end of the loop (one transition length), it starts playing outside of the loop, it transitions into nothing.

As you can see, there is no loop bar inside the transition region. I wonder if there is any way to use the destination loop inside this region.
If there isn’t a fix or workaround, how would you redo this event to avoid this problem?

The behavior in this kind of case is quite subtle, and some changes have been made recently. You have to keep in mind transition timelines (the one of the loop and the ones of the transition regions) cannot play inside each other. The fact the “source” plays what’s outside the region (when the transition is triggered near the end) is normal: you should almost always have your instrument longer than the region to cover that case.
Can you share some more screenshots of your event? I could point out some problems. Not sure but it seems you snapped your regions one after another, which causes some issues. However, I don’t get your “it transitions into nothing” ; could you demo that problem?
And by the way, it’s usually best to replace your setup loop + multiple transition regions, by one unique magnet region (for each region).