Lost Folder in F-Mod after switching workspaces in P4

Hi All. I have a weird issue I was wondering if anyone else has encountered and resolved.

I was working in F-Mod Studio on a project that uses P4. Over the last month I added a new folder in the Events tab with a lot of audio events inside. I’ve since attached those events to multiple levels in our game and have generated the banks so all the data has been pushed to Unity and checked into P4.

As of yesterday I was asked to switch to a new workspace in Perforce. After doing so I re-opened my f-mod studio project only to find that the folder I created a month ago and populated with events is no longer in my project.

The audio files are in the assets tab marked “new” but they are not anywhere to be found in the Events tab or the Banks tab.

Is this a simple issue of hitting refresh somewhere? I’m afraid to generate banks and push that to the game for fear it will break all the links that have already be added in unity.


Hi Kristi,

You need to make sure that your workspace has the latest changes. Submit the changes you have made from the previous workspace to the Perforce repository, switch to the new workspace, and then Sync Latest and Merge.


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Thank you!