Lots of bugs with Automation

Hi, one more problem with Unity-FMOD integration

So I just posted another thread about my problems with Unity-FMOD integration. My music sounds exactly the way I want it in FMOD studio but when I integrate with Unity it seems to be full of bugs.

Another bug that’s getting to me, like I mentioned in my other thread, I’m doing mostly vertical interaction in my music, so tracks are fading in and out depending on the player’s progress.

Well, for some reason, in-game, the fading IN works fine, but the automation that is set to fade OUT other tracks doesn’t seem to work.

I’m attaching a screenshot here. I couldn’t fit all the tracks and their automation into one screen, but you get the idea. The weird thing is, I can get the tracks to fade IN fine, but when the tracks are supposed to fade out they just… don’t. It works fine in FMOD but in Unity it doesn’t work.

And yes, I have rebuilt and refreshed my banks about a zillion times. I even got rid of the seek speed on the parameter I’m using. This one really doesn’t seem to make any sense.

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Also, somewhat unrelated but I’ve been having another bug since I updated FMOD to 2.02.13

Sometimes, tracks will just stop showing automation altogether. Like I’ll try and click the triangle to show the automation and it just won’t work. I’ll have to go in and right-click whatever is automated and uncheck “show automation in editor” and then recheck it again in order for it to show. And just now something that happened was that it would show the automation, but as much as I clicked on the little red diamonds, it wouldn’t let me edit them.

Anyway, it seems that there are a lot of bugs going on with the automation.


I’ve responded to the questions in your previous thread: Bug: Multi Instrument, playing multiple clips ONLY in Unity - #2 by Louis_FMOD

I asked for your versions in that thread, but I can see that you’ve mentioned that you’re using 2.02.13 here. A discrepancy in behavior in Studio vs Game can indicate a version difference, so can I get you to confirm that your FMOD Studio and FMOD for Unity versions are the same? If not, what versions are they each running?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing in 2.02.13. Could I get you to describe the specifics of the desired behavior, and a series of steps that consistently reproduces the issue you’re seeing?

There is a known issue with MacOS native application tabs that causes interactable UI elements to become displaced from their displayed positions, which may be responsible for the issue you’re describing. If you go to View → Hide Tab Bar, does the issue persist? You may also want to try going to going to MacOS System Settings → Desktop & Dock → Windows & Apps and setting “Prefer tabs when opening documents” to “Never”.