Mac OS X system update error

Hello, we encountered a minor issue during the tests of FMOD on OS X Sonoma. We tested with FMOD SDK versions 2.02.19 and 2.02.22.

To reproduce the issue:

  • Connect a Bluetooth headset to the laptop.
  • Start playing any sound.
  • While the sound is playing, turn off Bluetooth on the laptop.

An error may appear (not always, but sometimes) during the system->update() call:
Error initializing output device.

Good news is that you can skip it and the system will continue to work correctly.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the error.

Are you encountering this in your own engine, or when running a FMOD example script?

Yes, inside our engine.
You can send me the link to your example and I can try it also.

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Our core api examples can be found here:

after downloading the Mac engine. If you are using the studio api it can be found next to the core directory.

Thank you for testing.

I was able to reproduce it in the simple_event core project. Just have turned bluetooth off when AirPods were connected. You should try several times to reproduce it.
I’ve uploaded screenshot to my profile for you to check.

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I was able to reproduce the issue, thank you!

I will pass this on to our development team to investigate further.

Thank you for sharing the workaround, would you be able to elaborate on how you are skipping the error?

Just continue the execution, no crash there.

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Thank you