Make exclusive groups

Version : FMOD for Unity 2.02.07/ FMOD Studio 2.02.09 / Unity 2021.3.11f1

Hi. I’m trying to make so-called exclusive group for my game.

For example,

  1. Make a group with BGM/A, Environment/B, SFX/C
  2. Try to play SFX/C while another one is playing
  3. Stop previous one and Play SFX/C

I checked API references, and found a tag function which sounds perfect for me. But it can’t be used in runtime.


  1. Is there any built-in function to achieve this ‘exclusive grouping’?
  2. If not, I think a parameter is only way to make it. Is there any better way to acheive this?


Having a Unity FMOD integration that has a different minor version to FMOD Studio can have unexpected behavior. I would suggest updating your Unity integration version to match your FMOD Studio version.

There are a couple of ways you could go about this. Firstly using Snapshots (FMOD Studio | Glossary). Snapshots will allow you to mute groups during runtime. Another option is pausing individual group buses via code, (FMOD API | Studio API Reference).

If you need any more information about either option please let me know!