Managing FMODAmbientSound Lifepsans


I was wondering if there was anywhere in either Studio or the UE4 integration where the lifespan/playback of an FMODAmbientSound can be managed dynamically - really any looping 3D event for that matter.

For example, let’s say we have a TreeGust event and it is placed on each large tree on the map. Is there a way to setup, “If player is 10 distance from TreeGust event instance then play”, then “If TreeGust instance is playing and player is 20 distance from TreeGust then stop” ?

We’re finding that these ambient sounds are using a ton of voices because they never really stop unless explicitly called to.

We have previously used an extra radius around world emitters which performed this logic. This could be managed via blueprints perhaps, but it would involve adding each emitter to a blueprint wrapper - is there no cleaner way?

Even with a Max Instance of 1 set at the Master track on the event, it will still play if you’re far away.

Perhaps I’m just missing something…


I think you could use ‘Built-in Parameter Distance’ and ‘Trigger behavior Conditions’

In you example case, Click Add Parameter Button, beside Timeline Tab, and select “Add Built-in Parameter/Distance”.
And click your sound track - multi sound or single sound.
Click Trigger behavior’s + button - it means add a condition that the sound triggers.
and select Distance - and adjust the values of ‘Distance’ 10~20.

I think you must add AHDSR mudulation on volume too, unless when the distance become 20 or 10 the sound would be too brickwall like played or stoped.

The sound would still be playing after trigger though, correct? Even once you’ve left the designated Distance cutoff.