FMOD UE4 3D sounds only play when the distance is set to 150m +

I have 2D sounds working fine in the game as well as 3D sounds which are spawning on the player, however 3D ambient sounds such as a waterfall are only playing when I am setting the Max distance inside FMOD to over 150m meaning they are playing over the whole map.

How can I fix this?

it sounds like it may have something to do with the position that the events are being spawned at. How are you spawning events?

I am simply dragging them from the content browser and dropping them into the world. It has changed now that it will spawn only over 35m but rather than be 35m in size it plays across the whole map (Still a 3D sound)

What are the values of the spatializer Min & Max Distance set to in Studio?

You can connect Studio up via Live Update and tweak values in Studio and have the effect the game in real time. You could do this and modify the min and max distances which may help figure out the cause of the problem.

Having the same issue here.
Created a BP class, connected a sound component to it.
Setting event’s attenuation as


Attempted both Spatializer, and 3D object Spatializer, have the same outcome.
The sound plays across the whole map, without any attenuation no matter how far I am from it.
If I setup a smaller max distance, it just doesnt play no matter how close I am to it, while autoplay is on.

UE4 version 4.24.3, FMOD integration 2.01.01.

Maybe someone would have an answer? Am I doing something unintended?

Nothing comes to mind, you could try using the Studio Profiler to get an idea of all the events playing in the map.

Alright, I tested that, and profiler shows that the events play but I don’t hear anything.

I made sure that I am updated to the latest version, but the event don’t play when the camera does not see an actual event object.
This is a 2D sidescroller game, but i dont think this would matter, correct?

What would be the proper troubleshooting steps here?
I am attempting at changing the min/mad distance to no avail. What’s next?

If you are using the FMODAucioComponent you should be able to see the min/max attenuation drawn in the world when you select the actor/component.

Yup, i clearly see that it exists when i select the object.
My camera is 1/5th of the entire capsule, and the character/camera are within that capsule in both events - when i hear and when i dont hear the sound.

Are you able to provide a sample project that reproduces the issue at all?
If not, a detailed list of steps to reproduce it would be the next best thing.

I have found the issue, and that was our own mistake.

After attempting to reproduce this within our project, I found the following:
We were moving the audio listener to a camera component, because we needed it at a different spot from the main camera.
When that happened, besides attaching the listener to the component we have forgotten to set it’s location to where we needed it.

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Glad to hear you were able to resolve the problem.