Managing Multiple Projects Using Different FMOD Versions

I guess this is a feature request, or an invitation for others in the same position to point me to your solutions.

As I juggle more and more projects, each using a different version of FMOD Studio, it’s getting difficult to remember which version is for which project. I can, of course, change the icon of each version as long as it corresponds to one project, but I’m wondering if there are plans for an FMOD Studio Launcher, not unlike the Wwise launcher, Epic Games Launcher or Unity Hub, to keep track of different installs and projects.

A launcher of some kind to tracker installs/projects is a feature that has been requested in the past, so I’ve note your interest internally.

That said, is your interest purely organizational, or are you running into any specific issues regarding opening projects with different versions? FMOD Studio projects are designed to be backwards and forwards compatible within each major version (i.e. a 2.02.05 project can be worked on using 2.02.19, or vice versa), and as a result only the major version of a project is tracked - it shouldn’t matter what version of 2.02 you open a 2.02 project with.

Thanks for the clarification, Louis! Most projects of mine are using FMOD Studio 2.02, but some are on 2.01, so the desire for a launcher is purely to free up some brainspace remembering which are the older projects.

Understandable. Unfortunately I can’t offer any workaround in FMOD Studio besides the fact that a project’s major version is displayed when viewing it in Recent Projects in the Welcome window, or from File → Open Recent.

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