Error when builiding banks for PlayStation 4: "Failed to encode bank due to the following error: An operating system based file error was encountered."

Like the title says. When building the “VO” bank for PlayStation 4 I get this error: Failed to encode bank “VO” due to the following error: An operating system based file error was encountered. I work with Unreal Engine 4.26 and FMOD Studio version 2.01.09. Why could this be happening?

Have you copied libatrac9.dll into your FMOD Studio directory?

Yep, even redownloaded it from Sony’s SDK and replaced the one I’ve had until now. To no avail, unfortunately.

Thank you for confirming- is there any more to the error or is it just popping up with that?
Can you please go to Window>Console in FMOD Studio, click on the Logging tab and click Show Verbose Logging, attempt to build your PS4 banks and share the console output?

Here’s the error the console outputs:

11:07:34 “FMOD_ERROR (65536): Unknown error.”
11:07:34 “FMOD_ERROR f:\jk\workspace\build__2.1__studio_win\studio\src\model\bank.cpp(140): modelBuilder.builder()->writeToStream(&stream, bankVersion, exportFlags)”
11:07:34 “FMOD_ERROR (65536): Unknown error.”
11:07:34 “FMOD_ERROR f:\jk\workspace\build__2.1__studio_win\studio\src\model\bank.cpp(154): buildBank(this, dataType, absoluteBinaryPath(platform, locale, sBankSuffix(dataType)))”

In a previous case this error has indicated missing or corrupt files. Is there a yellow “Missing File(s)” icon lit up in your project? If so you can click on it and try to resolve any missing files. Otherwise you could try the suggested resolution from the linked case and create a new bank, assigning events from other banks one by one until you find the event causing the build to fail.