Max Instances and clicking

I have a problem with clicking:
I have an anti air type of weapon. Basically every time I press fire, it fires a round. I press very fast, the weapon fires very fast.
I want to keep concurrency/max instance low, to not flood your ears with sound and clean up tails.
If I set (just for testing purposes) max instance to 1, I get clicking every time I press fire, because the tail of the sound is being cut off abrubtly.
I tried doing a ADSHR modulator on the sounds amplitude to fade in and out, and I always get a click. Even with a 1 second fade in and a 1 second fade out at the same time.

This happens on all the sound sources in my sound event. It’s not just one sound that it happens on.

If I raise max instance to 2, it gets slightly better of course, and raise it to 3 it gets even better, but then i’m left with a lot of long tails and many sounds on top of each other.

What can I do?

I found a solution: Swithcing stealing mode to Virtualize. But that could lead to a lot of sound channels being used. Ideally, voice stealing when using “oldest” should not produce clicking.

Can that be fixed somehow?


Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been successful in reproducing the behavior you describe here. This makes me think I must be doing something differently to you.

Are you able to send us a copy of the event that exhibits the behavior? It’s possible that the behavior you describe actually has some other cause, as one of our API developers has confirmed that stolen event instances are ramped down to prevent popping when stolen regardless of stealing mode.