Max Instances of Event with Multiple Referenced Events

I’m having an issue with max instances. Basically, I have events A, B, C, and D. I want to be able to play them as many times as I want, so I have their max instances set to infinity. However, I also have an Event (let’s call it RandomLetter), which has a multi instrument track that plays A, B, C, or D. For RandomLetter, I only want 5 instances of it, so I set max instances to 5.

However, in game, the behavior I get is that if I try to play B independently and it has been used up by the max instances of RandomLetter, B will delay playing until RandomLetter is done (or isn’t playing B). It’s hard to confirm, but I can confirm that if I remove B from the multi instement of RandomLetter, B plays on demand as expected.

Am I using max instances wrong? It seems like the max instances should apply to the event itself only, not any referenced events, but my understanding could be incorrect.

I’m using 2.00.04, with UE4, if that helps. Thanks!

UPDATE: I upgraded us to 2.00.10 to see if the fix in the revision history involving polyphany would resolve this, but the issue remains.

Does this issue occur only in UE4, or can it also be reproduced in the Sandbox window? If you record a profiler session while reproducing the behavior, does the number of voices and instances recorded in the session match up with the behavior you’re hearing?

I’ve confirmed that it does not happen in the sandbox. In UE4, it’s been difficult to replicate exactly what’s happening, but I can confirm that when I remove max instances from the event that calls the referenced event, the problem goes away.

I was able to replicate something similar though, which might help. Create a looping event (I’ll call it LoopEvent), and another looping event that plays LoopEvent as a referenced event (ReferencedLoopEvent). Set max instances on LoopEvent to infinite, and 2 for ReferencedLoopEvent (stealing to None).

In UE4, drag out 2 ReferencedLoopEvents into the scene. Only one of them will play. If you look at the profiler, it will have one instance of LoopEvent and one instance of ReferencedLoopEvent. The max instances should only be applied to instances of ReferencedLoopEvent, right?

Furthermore, if from there you drag out 2 more ReferencedLoopEvents, in the profiler, you’ll still see only one instance of LoopEvent and one instance of ReferencedLoopEvent, which is odd to me.

Like I said, I was unable to replicate exactly what I’m seeing in game, but I was able to replicate quite a bit of weirdness in regards to referenced events and max instances, so maybe that will expose something that could be causing my issue? If it helps at all, it seems to be positional. If I move past some instances of ReferencedLoopEvent and then play LoopEvent, in game, LoopEvent doesn’t play.

Did some more looking on this on our end. There had been a cooldown set on the event, and since they were all starting at the same time, only one was playing. Mea culpa!