Merging my FMOD work to the team's shared game cloud

All I’m working on is FMOD.

When I am merging my work with the team’s shared cloud server, Should I just select every single change to do with FMOD? metadata, and all?

Will replacing ALL fmod related files on the cloud with my own, affect any of the team’s work in Unity?

Or are there any FMOD related files that I should leave unchanged on their end?

Are you using any source control such as git or is this just shared storage? Generally you will want to merge any changes to FMODStudioSettings.asset, and if you are using Asset Bundles you will want to merge changes to your stub assets. You definitely want to commit any meta files too.
Files you can safely ignore are anything in Plugins/FMOD/Cache and any banks in the StreamingAssets folder since these are generated at build time.
More information can be found in the Using Source Control section of the FMOD Unity docs.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

The team is using plastic SCM.

This info really helps

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