Meta key in Shortcuts

I’ve been trying to add some short cuts to MetaGrid on the ipad to make my life a little easier.
I’ve come accross a couple of shortcuts that use the “Meta Key”. This is, from what I gathered, a rather old fashioned key and not even present anymore on modern keyboards.
I could of course change the key myself in the settings but I’d have to do that for every version we’re working with.

My question is: Is it possible to update these short cuts and change to meta key to let’s the ALT key?

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The meta key is usually mapped to the “cmd” key on macintosh keyboards, and to the Windows key on Windows keyboards. Both of these keys are still found on modern keyboards.

You can change the keys used for most FMOD Studio keyboard shortcuts in the “Shortcuts” tab of FMOD Studio’s preferences dialog.


Thanks for your reply. I figured that part out by googling :slight_smile: sadly though it doesn’t react to the windows key on my windows 10 machine.
Perhaps I’m missing a setting in windows or something?
Anyway, changing a behavior of a often used key would mean I’d perhaps not be able to use it anymore in that fashion. Will look into it.