Mid/Side processing

Is it possible to separate Mid and Side information from stereo files in FMOD?

You can use the multiband EQ to isolate certain frequencies, but there isn’t any built-in method of separating out mid and side information in the FMOD API or FMOD Studio.

It would be incredibly useful for more realistic panning. For instance, when panning distant guns it is usually awkward and difficult to get the stereo width right. With M/S I just spatialize the M signal and leave the S 2d and get a very realistic effect. Is it possible to submit user feature requests?

Speaking with our development team, you should be able to do this during runtime by utilizing the setMixMatrix() function and inverting the phase of one of the channels needed.

Mid - side processing and imaging is created by duplicating two identical signals as left and right channels and then inverting the phase of one of them.


This currently is not possible to do within the FMOD Studio application so I will raise it as a feature request.

Thank you so much!