Misleading warning

Hi, it’s more of a comment that a question, but I recently face the warning “FMOD Studio: Instance of Event event:/eventName found playing at the origin. EventInstance.set3DAttributes() should be called on all 3D events”. At first I checked my code to be sure that I called the method FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.AttachInstanceToGameObject() which I found one or two script that I didn’t, so for them after correcting my script the warning was gone. The fact is I was left with two that still warned me, but my code was right… So I search and search to finally realize that it was because my two gameObject holder for the script was legitimately situated on the origin, which I want. So to get rid of the warning I nudged them a bit. The warning is point to you that the method is not called when it is in fact, so it right when it say that it’s found playing at the origin, but it’s not illegal to do so, and sometime it’s something that we want, and it pollute my log.

Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback, this is something we are planning to improve in the near future.
It is supposed to help you figure out why a sound may be inaudible, not clog up the console log.


We just disabled this message in the script. It’s a really badly written message that only seems to check if the object in question is at 0,0,0 but doesnt take into account if we’d placed something there on purpose.