"FMOD Studio: Instance of Event {0} found playing at the origin" Help please!?

Okay so I have followed the “Audio for Unity 5: Survival Shooter” series on YouTube and I followed the Adaptive Music video and I am getting some sort of warning and my music will not play at all. So I have made the Music Control script they said and then referenced it within my other scripts however whenever I play I get this warning here:

“FMOD Studio: Instance of Event event:/Music/Music found playing at the origin. EventInstance.set3DAttributes() should be called on all 3D events”

It would be great if anyone could help me, I appreciate any time given to this question.

Okay so I have a Main Menu Scene and the audio plays there however when I change scene it stops… any ideas guys?

If you are getting that warning, it may be because the sound is 3D, the position is set to (0,0,0) but the listener is too far away to hear it.

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I figured this out a while ago and just made the audio into 2D, thanks anyways man!