Mixer Group CPU Overhead

Hello everyone!
I have a question regarding cpu usage of mixer groups in FMOD.
Is it expensive(cpu-wise) to have a lot of Groups in the project?
What is the CPU overhead of this? Can we have, let’s say, 30-40 mixer groups in a project and not worry about the cpu?
Let’s say there are no any complex fxes on these groups, only grp volume mixing.

Whilst having 30-40 group buses will have more CPU cost than having no group buses, it’s not possible to give any kind of estimate as to how much it uses because there are a lot of variables to consider. For example:

  • Any effects on these buses
  • Any modulation or automation on these buses
  • There is an automatic clean up system in place to remove unused buses from memory (unless explicitly locked in code)

There’s a lot of optimization with buses to not negatively impact your game, so feel free to use as many as you need. If you need an exact figure for your game, I suggest capturing a profiler session to get statistics on CPU/memory usage with your setup.