Mixer->new group not working.

I think I’ve found a bug but I’m not sure. When working on a game for a gamejam I was about to live mix the events, and this happened.

Selecting my event and going route to new group and the event can still be heard but it is not playing through the new group even though it is routed and the routing-window shows it as routed. Making a new group and then routing my event through it results in the same thing. This is with the latest FMOD on a 64bit windows 10 system.

As a (longwinded) sidenote: Since I was happy to live-mix with the mix-window and a midi controller that is an 8 channel midi mixer I noticed something else: The faders for the events on the mix-window (not the groups, but the events) are not being catched by the midi-pickup running emulate mackie protocol; group tracks are, and individual tracks inside an event are being picked up as well, but event faders in the mixer is not.

If you have the time please please please take a look at that. That will increase my workflow incredibly much, especially since I can’t get the routing in the mixer to actually route things properly, but also because you can select a group of events, switch to the selected events-view and do a quick mix in there before sending them to their own submix, all with an 8 channel midi mixer. Fast, efficient, and with real-time tactile feedback. Having just the group-tracks picking up the midi but not the other tabs are counter-intuitive and inconsistent in terms of workflow. Haven’t tested any other tabs properly yet, such as custom mix-views, but I will soon enough. Got a new project up very soon anyways :wink:

Thanks for the bug report. Routing not updating correctly during live update is a known issue, and we’re working on a fix. In the mean time, to audition changes to routing, you will have to re-build your project and begin a new live update session.

I’ll investigate the control surface issue as soon as possible.

UPDATE: I’ve investigated the control surface issue, and it is most likely a byproduct of recent changes to the way we display events in the mixer window. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release.


Is there a list somewhere with known issues?

We do have an issue tracker, but it’s for our internal use only. (We have considered making it publicly viewable in the past - but it’s chock full of internal jargon, source code, and references to unreleased plans and features. To make it public, we’d have to carefully expand each new entry to be understandable without context and vet it to be free of sensitive information, and that would take time and effort away from fixing discovered issues and developing new features.)