Mixer sample rates and performance on mobile


Currently working with FMOD 1.10.11 on a Unity multi-platform game.

I very recently discovered that, on this version of FMOD, Vorbis sample rates are fixed at 48k on Desktop and 24k on Mobile, which came rather as a shock to me as these days, memory allocation on modern phones are very generous (glad that 2.0 has addressed the issue, but we don’t want to upgrade just yet).

My question is: should the mixer sample rate in the Unity FMOD plugin match these values? I am assuming that any DSP stuff would sound better at higher SR. But my most pressing question is: what kind of performance gain/loss can I expect from running the mixer at anything lower than 48k?

Thank you

The mixer sample rate in the FMOD Unity integration doesn’t have to match the sample rate used to encode your banks, as any audio that does not match the sample rate is automatically resampled in real time. However, this automatic resampling does incur a small CPU cost, so for performance reasons we recommend using matching the sample rates.

Assets that are subject to any form of pitch adjustment are resampled regardless of whether their encoded sample rate matches the sample rate set in the FMOD Unity integration, and so always incur the small CPU cost.