System::setSoftwareFormat Issues About Integration V2

In the Unity Integration V2, I find there are options like “Speaker Mode” and “Sample Rate” in the FMODStudioSettings editor.Does both options do the same thing that you initialize the FMOD via System::setSoftwareFormat with your own script?
My source sample rate is 44.1k, Should I change the “Sample Rate” option to “44100” or use the default “Platform Default”?
Thanks in advance.

You can leave those settings alone , it should default to the speaker mode of your system, and 48khz.
If you have a 44khz sound, then that wont really matter, it is resampled to the right rate when it mixes in realtime.

Thx your replay,Brett. I got the speaker mode. But I wonder does the resample process will decline the performance? we are a mobile title.

Hi Andrew, no it does not impact performance significantly.