Mixer View Limit

Hi Guys,

Whats the limit on the number of mixer views I can have please? got a complex project on the go seem to have lost the little plus button at the top of the mixer. think I might have run out. would be great to know.

Thanks in advance

There’s no upper limit on the number of mixer views you can have, besides what the specifications of your machine allows. You can keep adding new mixer views indefinitely by right-clicking on any mixer tab and selecting “Add Mixer View…” from the context menu.

However, there is a previously-unreported bug that can cause the mixer view scroll buttons to not appear when they should, which may make it difficult to find the “+” icon. As a workaround to make the icon appear again, hide the master bus and browser by pressing the “B” and “P” keys, respectively. Thank you for reporting this issue; I’ve added it to our tracker.

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Thanks mate, thats very helpful, I’ll try that.

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