Mixer View Limit

(Joe) #1

Hi Guys,

Whats the limit on the number of mixer views I can have please? got a complex project on the go seem to have lost the little plus button at the top of the mixer. think I might have run out. would be great to know.

Thanks in advance

(Joseph Harvey) #2

There’s no upper limit on the number of mixer views you can have, besides what the specifications of your machine allows. You can keep adding new mixer views indefinitely by right-clicking on any mixer tab and selecting “Add Mixer View…” from the context menu.

However, there is a previously-unreported bug that can cause the mixer view scroll buttons to not appear when they should, which may make it difficult to find the “+” icon. As a workaround to make the icon appear again, hide the master bus and browser by pressing the “B” and “P” keys, respectively. Thank you for reporting this issue; I’ve added it to our tracker.

(Joe) #3

Thanks mate, thats very helpful, I’ll try that.