Randomization on a pan knob?

Is it possible to control randomization on a pan knob? I see that by right clicking on the Panner, random modulation is a possible selection. But, is it really functional? I added random modulation to the Panner with no results. Should I assume that this will be functionality that is to be added later sometime in the future?

You’ve spotted a known bug. A known and fixed bug, in fact; The menu items that add modulation to panners have been removed from recent versions of Studio.

Modulators on panner properties do technically work, but as you’ve observed, there’s no way to adjust the settings of those modulators in the tool, making them next-to-useless unless you manually edit your project’s xml.

As you’ve guessed, we will eventually allow you to add modulators to the panner, but not until we’ve added the ability to adjust them to the interface.

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