Ms to timecode or FPS

is there a way to switch the ruler to FPS rather than MS (milliseconds) ?


Unfortunately, there is no way to display time as FPS instead of MS/Beats in FMOD Studio - that said, could you provide some more info about your specific use-case(s) and the intentions behind the question? I may be able to provide an alternative, and/or list more information for an internal feature request.

we’re using a lot of imgui tools to make cinematic editors. So timelines are more utilized.

Thanks for the additional context.

I can definitely see the use for an FPS timecode metric, and I’ve noted your request on our internal feature/improvement tracker.

That said, you can effectively achieve frame subdivisions of 30fps in FMOD Studio by creating a tempo marker with the following time signature: “500 30/16”. Each of these frames at 30fps are subdivided four times, which provides timecodes to 60fps and 120fps with a little extra math.

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Has this been any further thought or interest?

Unfortunately, while the feature has been noted internally, at this point in time it hasn’t been scheduled for development, and we haven’t had any further expressions of interest.