How to randomize looped sounds?

When event start I want to play random sound and have that sound looped forever.
How to do it? because with multi instrument on end of loop sound will be randomized again and can switch to another.

Set each sample in the playlist to loop individually. So instead of clicking the loop button above the playlist, click on each wav, and activate the loop above the wav display. This needs to be done to every wav in the playlist. After that, deactivate the playlist loop so that just the wavs are looped.

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Turning off looping playlist makes sound play only once.
If I add loop region, playlist is randomized again and different sound can be selected and played.

Ok, I think I know what I was doing wrong, I was putting sounds on “Timeline” and sound stopped when it reached end of range… so I created custom param and placed sound there and now it works

anyway maybe if somebody select “loop” on sound placed on timeline, sound should be streched automatically on timeline to infinity (or selected number of loops) to avoid confusion

You can put a loop region or a sustain point on the timeline as well, to make the event stay active. But the multi-sound needs to be set to “Async” to not freeze playback if the timeline stops at the sustain point.

Any multis placed in a custom param are automatically set as Async.

Adding loop region restarts event, so can switch to diferent sound.

but adding sustain works fine, thanks!

If the loop is shorter than the multi-sound region, it will not retrigger the multi. Zoom in to the start and the end of the loop to see if there is a gap.