Multi instrument won't play some sounds

Even if I set a sound to 100% after just pulling in the sounds, 2 sounds I just downloaded form won’t play…


I have 4 in a multi instrument, 1, 2, 4, and 7 and every time it’s 4 or 7’s turn to play, nothing happens… it just doesn’t play it… it’s not playing with silence or would I see the playhead scrub the instrument, it just skips playing if it’s their turn…

even if I put them in their own tracks, they don’t play…


any ideas?

Are you able to preview these assets in the deck when selected? When you select the instrument that doesn’t play (instrument 4 or 7) is there any probability enabled in the “Trigger Behavior” section in the deck?

Could you also open the console and see if any errors are being thrown?