Multi Instruments and Transitions



I have a random dialogue system which consists of audio clips of varying lengths. I’m using multi instruments as containers to hold phrases that are of similar construction (ex. linking words, nouns, non-sequiturs, etc.) which can then transition to other multi instruments to make a connection and form a proper sentence.

The problem is that using transitions with a multi instruments does not work because the individual audio files are of varying lengths so the transitions (to the next phrase) are either going to result in being too soon or too late.

Is there a way to have a transition at the end of each audio clip inside of a multi instrument or perhaps a better means to accomplish this goal?


Hi Daniel,

Having a “play next” feature is something we are working towards for a future release. In the meantime the only workaround I can offer is the following:

  1. Separate each multi instrument into their own separate events
  2. In your game code, use the FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_STOPPED callback to start the next event (re: multi instrument) until the full phrase is finished.



Thanks Richard. I’m doing something similar to your first suggestion, then having a parameter randomly select values in the engine to randomly select phrases in FMOD. I was hoping there was an LFO do modulate parameters in FMOD and judging by other comments I’ve seen it looks like that is something you’re working on for a future update.


Hi Daniel,

Yes, LFO modulation is another feature we are working on for future updates. Until either the play-next or LFO features are available, you will need to use the callbacks workaround.