Multi Position Emmitters

Does anyone know if FMOD has an equivalent of the Multi Position Mode in Wwise?

Looking to reduce the number of duplicated voices and reduce the amount of potential phasing between duplicated loops playing at the same time.


FMOD does not have an exact analogue to the feature that is labelled as such - however, you should be able to accomplish this using the Transceiver effect by setting up an event/mixer channel with a Transceiver set to “Sender” and the fader afterwards set to mute, and a receiver event that uses a Transceiver set to “Receiver”.

By creating a single instance of the sender event in Unity, and multiple instances of the receiver event, the receiver events will all play the exact same synced audio from the sender. This will introduce a single mixer block’s worth of delay on the receiver events compared to the sender, but will reduce the channel count and is generally cheaper than using multiple instances, especially if the assets being played are set to stream.

The main drawbacks of this is that you cannot control the playback of different event instances independently, and that Transceivers are something of an exception to FMOD’s typical mixer flow and can be a little confusing to work with as a result.

If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know!

Just following up on this - were Transceivers what you were looking for in reducing duplicate voices and phasing issues? If not, can you elaborate on any issues or shortcomings that you may have run into so I can help address them?

Hiya @Louis_FMOD thanks for your reply.

The Transceiver solution seems like the most viable way of handling this to minimize voice count - it’s a little clunky to set up but it does the job.

Unfortunately the sound that I was hoping to do this with now has parameters that need to be controlled per event instance now so i have had to ditch this idea since it’s great for static looping sfx but not for dynamic ones.

Thanks again for your help and i’m sure this will come in handy for someone!

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