Multiplayer/Multi Listener Reverb Zones

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in setting up reverb zones that work for just 1 of many listeners. I’m working on a split-screen local multiplayer game and have tried a few things but haven’t had any luck yet. I tried setting a listener mask on a Reverb Snapshot but all listeners “hear” the reverb turn on when any player goes into a reverb zone. Any advice/tips to get me going in the right direction would be awesome! Thanks for taking the time, cheers


Snapshots effect sounds that are currently playing, so unfortunately listener masking won’t have the effect you want. It will only effect actual events rather than the effects applied by snapshots.

This is the way I would go about this sort of effect:

  • Put a send to a reverb on an event.
  • Automate the send volume with a parameter.
    (In 1.10 you can turn this into a preset to make it easier to apply to multiple events)
  • When the event enters/exits the reverb zone, set the parameter to adjust the amount of reverb applied.