UE4 Reverb zones

Hello, I’m developing a racing game and I need to activate reverb when a car drives inside a tunnel on the track. I’ve implemented the “Audio Volume” system, using snapshots as UE4 reverbs to trigger its activation by Listener.
The problem I have is on two-player split-screen, where I have 2 listener so if player1 enters a tunnels, the reverb will be activated also on the player2 car sound.
Is there a way to manage this using a parameter sent to single audio component?
I need something that could send a parameter to an instance according to its 3D colision within a box volume.
The “Audio Zone” system implementation is very close to this, but at the moment it doesn’t manage scenario when both the listener and audio source are in the same volume (in this case parameter will be always set to default=1.0)
Is there something I can do to manage this at emitter level, without considering the listener at all?


Yes, this is possible. There are several different ways to set the values of event instances’ parameters Unreal. Adding FMOD Audio Components to blueprints can allows you to set parameters, for example. You may have to create your own box volumes rather than using the pre-prepared system of reverb volumes, however.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Surely the position of the listener is always important when determining which event instances are subject to reverb?