Multiple fileopen bank callbacks

Hi everyone!
I’ve faced a problem causing memory overhead. I’ve added my own file system callbacks and was able to see one bank to be opened more often than another (Some fileopen operations didn’t have appropriate fileclose callbacks). But all that calls were made from FMOD thread and I have a problem with detecting the cause why they were made.
5 MyApp CFMODSoundDriver::FileOpenCallback(char const, unsigned int, void*, void)
6 MyApp FMOD::UserFile::reallyOpen(char const, unsigned int)
7 MyApp FMOD::File::open(char const, unsigned int, unsigned int, char const)
8 MyApp FMOD::SystemI::createSoundInternal(char const, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO, bool, FMOD::SoundI**)
9 MyApp FMOD::AsyncThread::threadFunc()
10 MyApp FMOD::thread::callback(void*)
11 MyApp FMOD_OS_Thread_Callback(void*)
Is there any way to catch a caller. I’ve tried to start synchronously, but this callbacks still are called in separate thread or from update without any info. And I see seek and read repeating pattern.
Thanks for help!

Looped sounds event cause it! I have 5 instances of the looped sound starting simultaneously and an instance of another one looped too. Memory drain starts when I add more looped sounds. It always starts after two or three minutes, especially in the iOS application and leads to the application drop by memory overhead.

What version of FMOD are you using?

Version 1.10.20 is used

I’ve tried with 2.01.04 too with the same result.

Apologies for the delay. Are you able to send us a project that reproduces the issue? I tried to reproduce it myself but did not have any luck.