Multiple people working on the same project problem .fspro does not exist

Hello there,
wondering how to deal with multiple people working on the same project.
I am sound designer, installed fmod studio and the unity integration.
Now that my banks and sounds are in the project, the other people working on the same project are getting a message <filelocation/filename>.fspro' does not exist.
How shall I deal with it? Should the .fspro file also be within the project files that are shared with all users, even if the don’t have fmod studio?

People who need the ability to edit and access the FMOD Studio project, or to rebuild banks, need access to a copy of your FMOD Studio project. People who do not need to edit your project or build banks just need the built bank files. That being said, you may find it simpler to make the FMOD Studio project available to all members of your team.

More information on collaborating on a single FMOD Studio project can be found in the Using Source Control chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

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Thank you for your quick answer Joseph,

You helped me figure out how the whole thing works. JJust needed to re-link the banks for the people working without FMOD Studio, they also don’t need to have the .fspro file which is great as it’s not filling up our shared project folder.