Fmod project not found in Unity?

I recently integrated my Fmod project into the Unity project I am working on. I added events with audio and built them. I am able to get sound when I play the Unity project the way that I am supposed to, but the developers I work for don’t hear any sound and get an error that the Fmod project is not found. I am running on macOSSierra 10.12.6 and they are running on Windows. Do they need a copy of the Fmod project in order to hear any sound? If so, how do I give them access to the project? Any advice I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There are a couple ways you can have your project set up.

If you don’t want to give everyone access to the FMOD Studio Project, just the built banks, you can point the Unity project to a build folder relative to it. That way as long as everyone on the team has the banks in the same place relative to the Unity project, it will be able to link up.

Thank you for your answer! Do you have any suggestions for where the build folder should be located?

For example:

You could build the FMOD Studio banks to a folder in the Unity project directory next to the Assets folder, that way you can add the banks to any source control you are using.

Then in Unity FMOD Settings, change from Project to either single or multiple platforms and you can browse to the new bank/s folder. The integration will store a relative path so that it will link up on different machine setups.

Awesome, thank you so much!