Multisound not cycling through files, just playing 'File A'

I have a Multisound containing several audio files Events; Audio Files A, B and C. Each time I play the Multisound I only ever hear the ‘Audio File A’, it never cycles through to ‘Audio File B’ or ‘C’. On every tutorial I’ve watched the Multisound should cycle through these files in order, unless the randomise button is engaged… What am I missing here?

I was using an older version of Fmod. Updating has fixed my problem.

In older versions of FMOD Studio the playlist iteration was globally known, which means that if you have one event instance that plays the multi-instrument’s entry “A”, a second event instance that is played would then move onto the next entry “B”, despite being a separate event instance. This was fixed in later versions but it meant that if you wanted to play other entries sequentially you would need to keep that instance alive and for the multi-instrument to retrigger.

In the newer versions of FMOD Studio you have control on how the multi-instrument and scatterer instrument playlists behave (local/global sequential, shuffle, random).

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