Set Random start offset once

Hello there,
I’m facing a problem with the random start offset. Basically i have a loop song of 30s and a loop on the arrange view of 30s aswell and i added a random start offset on the same song.
the song starts random from 0s to 29s so that is not always feeling the same.
The problem is that when the loop on the arrange ends the song restart from random point which does not make the loop connect properly. i would like the song to keep playing from the same point it was when the arrange loop ended.

Here i uploaded a small video. hope this can help to understand what is my problem.

Thank u for any help!

The behavior you are seeing is due to your event using a synchronous instrument. To ensure the audio file loops as you want, use an asynchronous instrument instead.

Synchronous instruments have some special behavior to do with the movement of the timeline playback position that does not apply to asynchronous instruments. Namely, repositioning the timeline playback position on an instrument automatically untriggers and re-triggers that instrument, in order to ensure that loop regions work correctly for all possible looping settings. Because randomization modulators on instrument properties generate new random values whenever the instrument is triggered, this means that whenever playback position moves because of a loop region, the instrument is re-triggered and the start offset property is re-randomized.

Asynchronous instruments do not re-trigger whenever the playback position moves within an instrument without leaving it, and so randomization modulators will not re-randomize the value of the start offset property when the playback position reaches the end of the loop region.

Note that, if you want the instrument to loop when using the above solution, you must enable the instrument’s loop mode.