Start Offset is rather working like an End Offset


I just started using FMOD, with Unity integration. And I’ve followed the viking village tutorial and thought to get right into it. So I made a project, an event, added an asset, gave it a loop region, and gave it a start offset + random modulation.

The start offset is at 50%, modulation is at 100% (which should be complete random start).

However, when I now play the file, it will play from the start, to a random point in the file, where the audio cuts off until the end of the file, and then it loops.

It’s really weird behavior and I was wondering what I am doing wrong.

Thank you!

I haven’t been able to reproduce the behaviour you describe here, which makes me think I’m missing some crucial detail of your setup. Are you able to send a copy of the afflicted event to

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I am having this same issue, followed the tutorial every step of the way and my loops will cut out (although the timeline continues through the clip) and then restart with repeat.