Music out of sync when using Parameters

Hey there,

As of recent I’ve found that music in a multi-layer setup driven by parameters goes out of sync quite often. Initially I thought this was something caused by performance on one project so I toggle all music to non-streaming (as referenced somewhere else on these boards).

However, now on another project I have the exact same issues in the main menu (fairly light in terms of performance).

I’m using FMOD

Help would be much appreciated as this could be a blocker for these 2 projects shipping next month. This seems to have been introduced rather recently as I’ve not had this issue with earlier versions.

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What goes out of sync from what? Can you describe or screenshot your main event to show what’s inside?
Did you try to set your main event to max priority? It usually does the trick.

I have 2 or more layers of music stacked on top of eachother in the same Event. I’m toggling one or more layers on / off using a parameter. When I test this in Studio it works fine, but ingame the layers go out of sync every 3 out of 10 times.

All set to high prio and non-streaming, but that doesn’t solve it.

Yeah, but your layers are probably async instruments that live their own life for a long time, which could theoretically cause some desynchronization over some time. How long does the event play with independent async instruments?

Or maybe that’s the way you trigger your instruments. Is it a volume automation? A quantized conditional trigger? Does the desync occur at the trigger, or later ? You have to be more specific…

If you are turning down the volume of a track or instrument to -inf, try only dropping it to something like -60db (which will still be effectively inaudible) - if the signal is too quiet, I believe FMOD does some optimisations that can cause desync.

@Damion1 I’ll check that. In all honesty that would be a bit weird and something that is def not wanted for musical content.