Music stops playing after scene transition in Unity


Wondering if anyone can provide some help on an issue I am encountering using FMOD and Unity. I have a MusicManager object and associated script in Unity that I use to communicate with FMOD and control the adaptive music in my game. I want the music event to carry over when transitioning from one scene to another, but even though I am retaining the MusicManager object and script using Donotdestroyonload, the music stops playing when I transition to the next scene. Am I missing some other component that should not be destroyed on load even though the MusicManager object and script are retained in the next scene?

Thanks in advance!

There isn’t anything special you need to do for FMOD, as long as the objects handling the events aren’t being destroyed, reset or disabled then the event should continue. Are you seeing any warnings or errors in the output log?

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for responding! I found the issue and it was with my code- I overlooked a line of code that was stopping the event prior to entering the next scene.

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