Musical transition and following progress bar

Hello everydoby. I’m actually trying to develop a game, I’m a begginer on fmod, and I have an issue. I’ve got a looping music, and a progress bar following the music. When the music is looping (cf. the first gif), it’s playing at the same time the end of the audio file and the beginning of the other, making transition (the orange/green part).

fmod studio

The progress bar, whom referring to the music timing (as value) is calculating at the same time the begining of the music, but also the additional second of the transition. So, the display of the progres bar bugs and add all the adding time at once. It come back at its initial value without the transition value (cf. the second gif).

fmod code

Any idea how to resolve this ? Thanks in advance

We’ll let the staff confirm, but for what I understood, transitions timelines are quite complex under the hood, so I guess you won’t be able to retrieve a relevant timeline position.
You probably should program your own progress loop, with a resync at some point.

Transition timelines, as mentioned, are quite complicated in how they actually work. They are essentially timelines that exist in the same place but somewhere else at the same time, as a means of keeping in time with what is happening on the main timeline. Therefore it isn’t as simple as summing up the current timeline and the transition timeline. Instead you might need to create your own function that simply times how long you have been playing the event and to reset it when it reaches the start of the loop1 marker.

Ok, thanks for your response, I thought it was a fmod problem, because it is not designed for that.
Thanks again for your answer.