Need help getting spatial audio to play in UE4 via FMOD using the Occulus SDK or 3Dception

Hi hoping someone can help me.

Going crazy trying to get my audio in game to play in UE4 using events in FMOD with either the Oculus or 3Dception plugin attached. In the UE4 details panel when I hit play it plays fine but when I drag my event into the game and press play there is no sound at all.

Is there a definitive guide on setting up the plugins in the FMOD and UE4 folders. I’ve gone through every documentation and online forum and I swear I’ve set everything up properly in there correct locations but still am having issues.

FMOD Studio is enabled in the Project Settings Panel of UE4 and also the FMOD studio Oculus Plugin is enabled. When trying with 3Dception I have added the 3Dception element to the plugin Files.

I’ve been working from the thread "An idiots guid to using the Oculus Audio SDK with FMOD (

Its a bit outdated and some other people at the end of the thread are encountering the same problems, have anyone else had similar issues? and if so have you been able to overcome them?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


When you say there is no sound at all, do you mean when you PIE in the editor? Can you check if there are any warnings or errors in the log when starting PIE?

Hey Geoff,

Yeah in the PIE, the sounds work in FMOD and in the Detail Panel where you can audition the event in Unreal but when I hit play (PIE) and move around the event there is nothing at all.

I’m only new to Unreal and FMOD, i’m pretty sure I implemented all the plugins but yeah no idea why there is no output, as far as I am aware once the plugins are setup in either FMOD and Unreal you can just drag the event from the FMOD folder into the level and it should play.

Hi Hamish we aren’t making much progress here. Can you contact and we can get some more info about what is going on? If we find anything out I’ll post the answer back on the Q/A but I think email is a quicker format for now.

There are some errors but don’t think they would effect it, just map check material errors that i’m not concerned with and localisation service says localisation service is disabled, don’t know what that means but might be related.