Oculus Spatialiser and UE4 - still stuck!


Im having some issues trying to get the oculus spatialiser plugin to work.

UE 4.14
FMOD 1.09.01

As soon as i put an oculus plugin into the chain in fmod, i get no playback in UE4 when i go into play mode.

I can play the fmod assests fine in editor, but nothing activates - if i remove the plugin from my chain (in fmod) the audio will then play back fine in UE4.

I can really find any definitive guide to setting it up.

UE4 validation returns fine.

Any help would be appreciated


Make sure you have added it to the list of plugins in settings in UE4.

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Edit - see below

This hasn’t fixed the problem, update below

Hi again…

I have now updated Fmod 1.09.03, UE4 4.15.1, and the updated integration.

The OculusSpatializerFMOD.dll have been copied to my binaries/x64 folder in the engine

The plugin page in UE4 has been set up correctly (i believe)

I still cannot get any playback of FMOD events if in insert any oculus plugin into the chain - either the spatiaizer in an event, or the reverb before the fader on the master. And it stops playback of ALL fmod events, whether they are using the plugin ot not

I can audition the events (with plugins added) in UE4, although they dont sound like they have been processed with the oculus plugins.

I’m very confused and frustrated, i must be missing something… any helkp would be appreciated


The oculus libs need to be in with the FMODStudio plugin, next to the platforms libs.
eg. FMODStudio/Binaries/Platform/

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Thanks, this has worked, ive obviously got confused and lost the ability to read!