Need help with Fmod Reverb working in UE4

Can someone please tell me how to get fmod reverb to work in UE4 possibly with UE4’s Audio Volume which is actually a reverb Volume. Please im so stuck, like i dont understand, very lost. Even after watching videos on it i still dont understand. Can someone help please. Thank you

Did you watch this video?

It`s pretty easy to set up.

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Hi Koca, yes i did see the video atleast 5 times . The snapshot reverb no matter what will not work and thats doing it following the video. Another thing if there is a way to use unreals audio volume instead for reverb it would be great but unfortunately unreal isnt picking up fmod sounds for reverb, or is there something that needs to be done?

Hi porckchop6790, are you sending the signal to reverb - having running snapshot is not enough? Depending on your needs, you can do it either from mixer or event. Are you also sure that snapshot is not working? - You can check it via Live Update and Profiler.

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That instructional video is a little dated…

Once you have your snapshot imported into UE4, you can see the FMOD Reverb event, correct?

Grab a reverb volume in UE4, then in the details window you can override and set your own even. This is where FMOD goes in.

Also, watch the priority slider when putting reverb volumes inside other volumes. There was a bug in a recent FMOD version that would prevent both from playing if they intersected each other.

Let me know if you figure it out, if not I can walk you through it step by step when I get a chance.

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It depends on which version of FMOD you are using.

For 1.10 that video linked by @Koca will provide the information required to get Reverb/Snapshots.
There are also some docs to go with it:

For 2.0 there were a few changes made to the way we handle Reverb/Snapshots, we don’t have any videos on the topic but the docs have been updated:

@SonikSky also mentioned a bug about nested AudioVolumes, this was fixed in 1.10.13 & 2.00.01, so you may need to update to those or newer.

Thank You all. You were all very helpful ill give it all a try when i return home. Thanks again.