"An invalid paramter was passed ro this function" on Audio Volumes with snapshots

My goal is to place an audio volume in a level with an applied Fmod-snapshot. If I place an audio volume and leave the Reverb Effect empty, I don’t get any errors. But if I apply an Fmod-snapshot, the Output log shows LogFMOD: Error: 'System->setListenerAttributes(ListenerIndex, &Attributes)' returned 'An invalid parameter was passed to this function.' for every tick,

I tried a couple of difference things to zone down the problem, but with no luck. There’s no difference on all my Fmod Snapshots, they all produce the error. I tried adding and removing paramters to the Intensity and applying parameters to other knobs.

Now I’m all out of ideas and looking for help.
Thanks in advance

Apologies for the delayed response- I haven’t been able to reproduce any issues with reverb snapshots used in audio volumes, can you please tell me what version of FMOD and UE you are using?

Hey Jeff.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am using UE 4.26 Chaos and Fmod Studio 2.02.04, both running on PC.

Is there other ways I try out snapshots in Unreal besides the audio volume?

Thank you for confirming, I have reproduced this issue in UE4.26 Chaos. I have passed this on to the Dev team to look into.
Usually you can play a snapshot using the Play Event node, and trigger it using a any other trigger component (Trigger Volume, Box Trigger), but it seems the issue is with snapshots and not the triggers as I have not been able to get snapshots working correctly in Chaos.

Thank you Jeff

We are considering updating to 4.27 Chaos, do you know if the issue still persists on that version of UE?

I tested on 4.27-Chaos and it seems FMOD does not produce audio in the scene at all. Unfortunately we don’t explicitly support preview versions of Unreal and can’t guarantee the integration will work correctly in the Chaos builds- I have created a task to mention this in the docs.
If possible I would recommend migrating the project to 4.26 or 4.27 to continue using FMOD normally.

We updated to 4.27 (not Chaos) and everything works like a charm now! Thanks for the help

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