Need Help with Karting Microgame Tutorial

I’m just starting to explore FMOD so i’m currently working through the “Karting Microgame” tutorial here on the FMOD website. I have 0 experience with code so i’m pretty confused with a few of the steps where i’m supposed to delete lines in the code.

Step 42 of the tutorial says to "Delete all of the calls to PlaySound", which is what i’ve tried to do, but i now have the error “Assets\Karting\Scripts\UI\ObjectiveToast.cs(171,6): error CS1513: } expected” and it seems i can’t press play until i’ve fixed the error.

Does anyone know exactly what lines of code i’m supposed to delete here? I have no idea what “calls” and some other coding words mentioned in the tutorial mean and i’m having trouble finding answers from google. I’m also unsure about steps 29, 34 and 38.

Sorry for the extremely noobish question but as i said i have pretty much no clue when it comes to coding.

Here’s the link to the tutorial:

Calls is a programming term for “starting a function”. When step 42 states to delete all of the calls to PlaySound, it means to delete any command calling the PlaySound() function. From the error it looks like what you have deleted has caused either a semi colon to also disappear or something similar. Are you able to post all the code in ObjectiveToast.cs for us to take a look?